Wednesday, July 9, 2014

To Prime or Not to Prime is the question.....

Hi my Dolls! I've had these questions asked numerous times. Should I wear a primer, what does a primer do, when do you apply your primer, and what is the best primer to use? Face Primers do wonders on a face. They work as a moisturizer, absorbs oil creating a matte appearance, minimizes your pores, helps apply foundation smoothly and evenly on your face, it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and it helps your makeup last all day. There are so many to choose from and its just finding the best one that fits your skin type.

 How to use a face primer:
  • Use your face primer after you moisturize, wait 5 minutes to let it settle onto your skin 
  • Use a pea size amount and apply gently to your skin and under your eyes
  •  Apply your foundation, concealer or face powder 
Here are my favorite primers that I currently use

Benefit Porefessional
Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur
Arbonne Makeup Prime Arbonne Internationals, LLC
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You can also purchase at: Ulta  Sephora

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