Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review | BomBeauty Makeup Bom

Hi Beauties!!! I am so sorry I've been M.I.A this whole month, but I am back and you can expect more post to come! I am super excited to share and review this new product I received from a good friend!

My friend Jamyka (moneyconsciousmommy) tagged me on a video from @ilovebombeauty in Instagram and this video showed how quick a beauty blender and makeup brush was cleaned with this tool. I couldn't believe it and I wanted it! To my surprise, my awesome friend tells me she got me one!! I was beyond excited!! I could not wait to get my hands on it and give it a try!!

Here are all the angles to this BomBeauty Makeup Bom. The side with the ridges deep clean your brushes, all you do it strum your makeup brush along it. The other side with the the scales help you press into your sponge without damaging it and it helps wring out the sponge too while deep cleaning it. When cleaning your sponge you want to make sure you cup the Makeup Bom. The bottom of the Makeup Bom holds two fingers for a comfortable hold. 

I posted this photo on Instagram when I first used this tool and I was really impressed how well this Makeup Bom cleaned my brushes and sponge in a matter of 20-30 minutes. I used to clean my brushes with dishwashing gloves and it would take me over an hour or two to clean all my brushes and sponges. There are a lot of tools to help you clean your brushes, but I never had the heart to purchase one, but for the price you get for this Makeup Bom I highly recommend!! 
You can't go wrong for $12. 
Check out my short video using this amazing tool!! 

I hope you found this review helpful and if you are interested in getting this awesome cleaning tool, visit BomBeauty.

This review was not sponsored by BomBeauty.

Thanks for visiting!!

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